Sunday, October 19, 2008

This page contains a list of projects, activities, quizzes, tests and homework that have been assigned. The purpose of this page is to keep both students and parents aware of whats going on in science class. If, as a student you see something listed and you don't remember doing it, chances are I don't have a grade for you. All work must be made up. As a parent you should have seen the graded paper come home. Please ask your child to show you his/her work. Please email me at if you have any questions.

Our 1st project was to create a Lab Manual.

Our 1st test was on the Lab Rules.

Our next graded assignment was to write up the Density Lab.

The students had to draw, color and label the map on page 72. They had to cut it out and we did a project in class with the pieces.

The ditto called Earthly Anagrams was done in class, collected and graded.

The chapter 4 test was taken.

We are now working on the Volcano Packet. The students will have 10 class periods to work on completing the packet. Remember every time I see a class it is considered 2 class periods. I will be available any day after school, except Wednesday, for students who would like to use the media center.

If you need to replace your packet click

Mrs. Knouse 8th Grade Science 2008 - 2009